Frequently Asked Questions

How will The Pillars work?

The monument will function as a tangible visualization. It will catch your eye on a distance making you wonder what the future holds, taking the present situation into consideration. The information that the Pillars are going to display will be carefully selected by professionals, but also to some extent by the Danish population.

Why not just make a website?

Because it's easier to just look away from a website. Important information regarding our society should be shown in a spectacular manner so that everyone can easily see and understand the important issues of today's society. The monument has multiple functions: it is a piece of art, an informing object and an attraction.

How often will the data be updated?

Our ambition is to update daily. However, some sources only share their data every quarter or yearly so we might be forced to follow that pattern.

What sources will be used?

The well-deliberated data shown on The Pillars will be found among data sources reminiscent of:

When is the monument expected to be built?

As soon as possible, when we have reached the means and the resources necessary for the construction of the monument. We estimate within 2-3 years.

Is The Pillars only for Copenhagen?

No, the concept of The Pillars is a universal and versatile idea adaptable to all countries. The team behind The Pillars hope to inspire people all over the world, to build monuments of transparency of their own.

Where is the monument located in Copenhagen?

We have a few locations in mind. All in the inner city of Copenhagen. Our favorite is next to the Opera House.

I want this in my city!

The Pillars is the world's first monument devoted to create national transparency for the people of Denmark. Visualizing national data points shaped into a beautiful monument consisting of multiple pillars in the heart of Copenhagen. The monument is meant to inform, inspire and empower citizens and leaders alike, to face the facts and improve the country.

Thanks for the support!

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